Have a Little Extra Sparkle in Your Life

Find a new, unique piece at our jewelry store in Randolph, VT

Do you have a vintage piece of jewelry that you don't wear? It will shine around the neck of the right owner. Red Door Jewelers And Coin in Randolph, VT will happily provide you with an honest, fair price for your jewelry, so we can help it find a new home. We're upfront when it comes to the value of a piece and will treat you with respect. Plus, you can browse for a new, unique piece to replace your old one while you're in our family-owned jewelry store.

Our jewelry store is ready to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Visit us today to check out our collection. We won't pressure you on any sales.

Helping you create memories with the perfect jewelry

As an eclectic jewelry store with an extensive collection of unique pieces, we're able to help you in many different ways. You can come to our local jeweler if you want to:

Tell the story of your love - start your wedding journey with a custom-made engagement ring
Get rid of old jewelry - sell your gold jewelry to us so we can find it a new home
Find a unique gift for your partner - search through our collection of incredible vintage, unique pieces

We deal with everything from precious diamond engagement rings to vintage estate jewelry, and we even carry collections of anniversary jewelry. Additionally, we can take care of small restoration work like replacing watch batteries. Call 802-377-2886 today if you have any questions for our local jeweler.